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Target Coding
Weston, Florida

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About Target Coding

Dr. Marty Kotlar is the President of Target Coding. Dr. Kotlar owned and operated a successful chiropractic practice for 12 years and multi-specialty practice for 4 years. He began his consulting career with a special emphasis on CPT coding, billing, reimbursement, documentation and compliance for chiropractic and multi-specialty facilities.

Over the last 10 years Dr. Kotlar has provided valuable nationwide educational seminars and consulting to over 3,500 healthcare providers and their staff members. Dr. Kotlar is Certified in CPT Coding, a Certified Professional Compliance Officer and a member of the American Chiropractic Association and American Academy of Professional Coders.

Dr. Kotlar has written 8 books on chiropractic coding, compliance and documentation. He is a contributing author to Chiropractic Economics, Dynamic Chiropractic and The Coders Edge. He is a featured guest speaker for Foot Levelers Seminars, Parker Seminars, the Coding Institute and at many state association conventions nationwide. Dr. Kotlar has taught coding and documentation courses at Parker College of Chiropractic, Northwestern Chiropractic College and New York Chiropractic College.

Target Coding has donated thousands of dollars to various Chiropractic Political Action Committees in order to help strengthen the chiropractic profession.


"It was getting harder & harder to get paid properly from insurance companies until I became a Target Coding client.  They helped me get paid for services that I was already rendering and didn’t know were reimbursable.  They really want to make sure you’re coding compliantly and then they show you how to improve reimbursement.”
- Dr. JG

"If you accept insurance assignment, then you need a coach to help you navigate through the endless maze of insurance CPT and ICD-9 coding…TARGET CODING is that coach!  They’ll help you understand the often-changing insurance rules and regulations from Medicare, HMO’s, Personal Injury and Regular Insurance Carriers.  They’ll educate you on the issues you need to know in order to document your services and get reimbursed for your hard work. They will do this while keeping you compliant, appropriate and fair. They’re a ‘Coding Coach’ that focuses on doing things the right way.  Anyone can bill and code just to make more money…not Target Coding…they teach coding with integrity.  Being a Masters Circle client keeps me on top of my ‘mental game,’ being a Target Coding client keeps me on top of the ‘reimbursement’ game.  The program is great!”
- Dr. DT  

"The extensive analysis and suggested recommendations of my CPT codes, ICD-9 codes and Fee Schedule is absolutely the best way to predict insurance company reimbursement. I use it as a 'cheat sheet' before I walk into the New Patient consultation room.  It ends up helping the patient more than me.”
- Dr. RJT

"Straightforward, honest, accessible and eager to answer questions.  Dr. Kotlar gave us practical ideas that we can utilize to improve our billing practices.  His suggestions about coding helped us realize that we were not charging enough for all the services that our patients receive.  We now realize the importance of proper documentation, but more than that, how many services that were actually being given away.  We have realized that by coding correctly, it affects not only our practice, but the profession as well.”
- Dr. CBR

"This was an eye opening experience. I love the team work developed by Target Coding to provide knowledge to their own professionals in the field of chiropractic.”
- Dr. JT

"Target Coding showed us our office ‘subluxations’ then he explained corrective care and then showed us how to maintain optimal practice health through proper billing and coding in our office.”
- Dr. TK

"My name is Lisa and I’ve been working for Dr. A for about eight months. I just wanted to send my thanks and appreciation to Dr. Kotlar who has been extremely invaluable to me in my position as the insurance billing manager in our practice. We have a large practice and have had many changes and challenges over a short period of time. Though experienced in medical billing, the scope of chiropractic was a pretty new world for me. I can honestly say Dr. Kotlar’s system of rapid support, feedback and encouragement has made a world of difference for my co-workers and me, which ultimately has changed the practice in a positive way. He has shown us how to receive full compensation for all services rendered in addition to showing us more effective ways of handling different types of situations that frequently arise with insurance companies. Dr. Kotlar, thank you for always being approachable and never making any question or concern seem trivial. You have such a great way about you and I honestly appreciate all your help!  Your service offers a complete “hands on” approach and I’ve never experienced such a support system in such an exciting and rewarding field.”
- Lisa, CA

"It’s good to learn that we can be reimbursed for services rendered for years we had no knowledge of these codes. Target Coding’s program is comprehensive and ethical. Thank You.”
- Dr. LD

"We used Target Coding’s letter on how to get paid for more than 30 visits from United Healthcare and it worked!!”
- Dr. JP

"Excellent job! Very informative - what I like best is you teach black & white (no grey areas). If something is questionable, you don’t teach it. You want to make sure we do it correct, not for the money. Thank You.”
- Dr. BW

"It was a great experience and we learned so much. We are so excited to implement all of this and start making the money we deserve.”
- Dr. CJ

"We learned a great deal of information - how to properly link and point diagnosis to codes - how to use SOAP notes properly and document properly. This information is indispensable.”
- Dr. JR

"We found your training and the program extremely informative, very helpful and instructive. Really learned a lot and was surprised at the errors we were making. Most impressed. Enjoyed the session. Excellent instructor. Notes and samples great. Thanks a lot.”
- Dr. EK

"I wish I had this information when I just started out as it would have saved my thousands of dollars and countless frustrating hours.”
- Dr. YK

"The rationale behind the coding procedures now makes sense.”
- Dr. KDV

"It’s now nice to know what services I could get paid for.”
- Dr. PJK

”Our expectations have not only been met, but also exceeded.  The follow-up information has been more than tremendous.  The never-ending changes and updates in the insurance world are being handled.  Thanks.”
- Dr. DLK

"I liked having a certified compliance consultant come into the office and go through our EOBs, patient files, notes and then getting immediate feedback and recommendations.”
- Dr. GMG

"Well organized, well presented, well worth the investment.”
- Dr. SC

"Extremely helpful in ascertaining what we have or have not been doing correctly with respect to coding issues.  I feel better having this knowledge to work with.”
- Dr. NH

"Succinct, educational, knowledgeable and worth twice the fee.”
- Dr. AT

"This presentation was very eye opening. I have learned more than I ever thought possible about coding and billing.  I know this will help our office greatly! Thank you.”
- Joyce, CA